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Monday, June 14, 2004

Pre-requisites of Technical Communication

All that technical communication requires is a very good communicating power coupled with basic technical know-how of the industry or domain, one wants to enter. The communication skills include both written and verbal skills.

The idea is to understand the application or the product first and then explain to the new users. The users could be novices with little or no knowledge of the technology behind the product.

The Technical communicator must be able to explain to them about -How to's of the product. It could be through demonstration or through reading material.

The reference or help material must use a very simple and lucid language so as to communicate as much as possible. The people who are involved in Technical communication include Technical Writers, Trainers, Product demonstrators and 24-Hour Technical Support Executives.

The best Technical Communicator (TC) would always identify with the user and the user must get the feeling that the TC is also present there with him, facing similar problems.

The underlying psychological principle behind good technical communication is that of "Empathy" i.e. when you can put yourself in the user's shoes, irrespective of the user's knowledge. You also need to forget your knowledge base and come back to using the product or application. The problems that you face now, relate to the users' problems. This is the crux of Technical Communication, as I understood it.


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