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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

First STC Learning Session, 2005 - Hyderabad

The first STC learning session at Hyderabad, for the year 2005, was conducted in the premises of Computer Associates on February 13, 2005. The topic of the session was - PROJECT DOCUMENTATION SPECIFICATION (PDS) - TECHNICAL WRITING.

The session was attended by about 20 technical writers from various organisations including Microsoft, CA, Nokia, Ocimum and VisualSoft. The session was co-ordinated by Vasanth Vaidyanathan, the Hyderabad STC City Representative and Saraswathy Janani(Technical Writer, CA).

The speaker was Sreedhar Karri - an experienced Technical writer from the Computer Associates itself. His experiences include writing copy for ad agencies, developing web content, co-ordinating training and knowledge management functions, and product documentation. He has a passion for copy writing and a flair for training. He is a graduate in Engineering and pursued a program in Mass communication.

The topics included in the session were-
- Product Development Context
- What is a PDS?
- Understanding PDS sections
- User profiling
- Effective Documentation control
- Localization and Internationalization

The objective of the session was to discuss the relevance of a project documentation specification in a product development life cycle. The session was very interactive and technical writers from various organizations gave inputs according to their organizational practices. Overall, the session was helpful.


Anonymous NK said...

Good initiative Qais. A good means to share the happenings in learning sessions. You've written it well. Can include some of the major points of discussion as well. Keep it up!

9:44:00 PM  

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