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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

STC India 7th Annual Conference Theme Competition Winners 2005

I N D U S - STC India Newsletter :: Nov-Dec 2005
STC India Annual Conference Theme Competition Winners

Rachna Ganguli won the first prize for the theme “Making ‘Written inIndia’ a Brand,” followed by Mohd Qais Mujeeb, who won the second prize for the theme “Enriching Audience Experience through Multi-dimensional Communication.” Competition attracted an overwhelming response and there were themes with thoughtful and interesting ideas that address the issues and learning needs related to the various aspects of technical communication. The panel of Judges gave individual ratings to each of the entries and the winning entries were chosen based on highest ratings.

Prizes will be presented to Rachna and Mohd at this year’s STC India annual conference.

The above paragraph has been taken from STC India Diary.


It was really good to have got this honor from STC India. I just penned down my thoughts on the future of Technical Writing and it got appreciation from other more experienced peers in Technical Communication.


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